Industrial Woodworking Air Filtration & Replacement Filters

Cleaning a “Woodworkers” Filter Bag

wood working dust collectorWoodworking and cabinet shops represent the largest segments of FilterPro’s business. We serve more customers in this industry than any other, so we understand the environment and challenges of woodworking air filtration. We know the difference between a shaper and a finish sanding collector, and the challenges in collecting the different dusts. By supplying custom-made replacement industrial woodworking air filters and first-rate filter cleaning, FilterPro saves our wood-industry customers significant money.

Expert cleaning extends the life of industrial woodworking air filters

With preventive maintenance, a bag-style woodworking air filter can be cleaned a half dozen times, greatly extending the life of the bag.

Pitch is usually a problem with cleaning a woodworking air filter bag. FilterPro’s staff engineer has developed a specialty product that is capable of removing the pitch from the filter bag during the cleaning process. After undergoing cleaning, we test the filters for airflow to assure optimum filter performance after cleaning.

Choosing singed versus plain-finish woodworking air filters

Example of Plain Finish versus Singed Finished Industrial Woodworking Air FiltersFinishes are confusing to most woodworkers. Plain or unsinged materials are usually supplied by the collector manufacturer. It is not uncommon to see a material that is slightly fuzzy. By switching to a singed or glazed filter bag, you can prevent the particles from sticking to the woodworking filter’s fuzzy material. A singed or glazed finish on a filter bag is created by heating the media with a natural gas flame to burn off the fuzz. Depending on the desired finish, the filter media is fed through rollers prior to flame exposure or afterwards. The filter bags below illustrate the difference between a singed filter and a plain filter for use in woodworking air filtration.

Note: Wood fibers stuck on a filter bag do not affect the breathability of the filter. Both filters air flow tested at the same CFM.  Notice the “pilling” on the plain filter. This is similar to an old sweater. The material balls up and wears off. On a wood filter bag a small amount of pilling is acceptable (but, this should be the last time the pilled filter is cleaned).

Look to FilterPro for custom-made woodworking air filters

filter for wood shopTime to replace your woodworking air filters? Let a helpful FilterPro team member assist you with ordering filters for your dust collector. We custom-make woodworking air filters for collectors with just a single bag as well as those that use up to 500 bags.

Whether you need us to develop a filter bag from a design sketched on scratch paper, or manufacture 300 based on your CAD drawing and precise specifications, FilterPro is ideally qualified to deliver the right project for your needs. No order is too big or too small for us. It’s our privilege to solve your woodworking air filtration challenges with a custom-made product and we make the process simple and painless. Call FilterPro today and see how our industrial woodworking filters and cleaning process can save you thousands!
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