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Rack and Tube Filter Cleaning

Filters assembled into racks are typically very specialized – and costly – air cleaning systems. At FilterPro, we have saved customers hundreds of thousands of dollars by our unique industrial tube filter cleaning process.

Cleaning industrial tube filters and rack filters creates unique challenges. The shipping and packaging requirements, filter cleaning process, and drying times are different for each style of rack or pocket filter. No wonder that rack system filters are some of the toughest filters that we clean. One of the most complex tube filters we clean has a membrane on the outside of the tubes, and contains approximately 15 small tubes built into the rack. The challenge is cleaning the filter without affecting the membrane.

Ensuring successful results through no-cost test cleaning

To make sure that we can clean your pocket filter or rack filter safely and effectively, we offer test cleaning at no cost to you. Here’s how it works: We’ll ask you for detailed information on your collector, including the make, filter materials, dust in the filter, and physical size. From this information, we will develop the most appropriate cleaning protocol for your specific system.

Customers who rely on FilterPro for rack filter cleaning frequently save 70 percent over the cost of buying new filters for every change out. Call us today to learn how we can help improve your plant’s air quality – and economics – through a cost-effective rack or tube filter cleaning.

         Industrial Tube Filter Before and After Cleaning by Filter Pro
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Example of Clean Industrial Rack Filter

Example of Clean Industrial Tube Filters