FilterPro has grown to be known for its honesty and integrity. Working to meet and exceed our customer’s needs and expectations has become a part of the culture within the firm. This culture follows the good old boy philosophy.

“There is nothing more satisfying than when a guy brings you with him to a new company, or a competitor recommends your services, and tells a customer “talk to these guys, they will take care of you.” -- Brian Hoffman

We are a filtration company that specializes in air quality both inside and outside your plant. From blowers to bags……. from reconditioning and recycling of filters to new filters, and parts. Our objective is increasing efficiency while reducing operation costs.

• Manufacturing
• Cleaning
• Installation
• Cartridges
• Bags
• Cages
• Solenoids diaphragms

It makes sense that we talk about cleaning your filters at a 50-60% cost savings.


Our facilities are located on a 4.5-acres at 811 Main Street, East Lynne Missouri. This is approximately 30 minutes Southeast of the Kansas City metropolitan area.  Our ideal location is a major contributor to our ability to be one of the lower cost producers in our industry while maintaining the high quality that we have become known for.

We only accept filters to be reconditioned if they have been used in a non-hazardous environment. A licensed chemical engineer handles the wastewater from the operations.


Each of our current employees is the type of person who takes pride and responsibility in their work.

Brian Hoffman (Owner) has multiple years of plant and production management experience. In his prior employment Brian’s role as production manager was vital in accomplishing the 12X growth of a specialty machine shop over 5 years. After the owner sold his business he encouraged and assisted Brian in getting into his own business. Since day one Brian has been very comfortable with the production and process parts of this business. He made it a goal to learn and understand how to manage the business by its numbers. Visit Brian's Blog

Lynda Hoffman serves as the CFO and is responsible for waste disposal. She has over 20 years as a professional Chemical Engineer.

The sales department is made up of two people with a “can do” attitude.
James, has great follow-up and cares about our customers. Leslie has great communication ability and is very good with follow up. She had previously worked in retail management.

Andy heads up the service crew and designs our machines.  He has multiple degrees including mechanical engineering, hydraulics, and pneumatics.  He has been working on dust collectors for over 20 years now.  In his spare time Andy's hobbies are  motorcycles, and flying (he is a commercial pilot).

Rhonda in accounting has truly become a wonderful asset. She has had experience in running a small business with her husband. She has a wonderful faith based life and cares about people.
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Continuous effort-Not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.

      -- Winston Churchill
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