Filters For Pet Food Manufacturing:

filters for pet food manufacturingTighter restrictions and tougher regulations.  Sound familiar?  Pet food is now handled no different than food for human consumption.  Over the years somehow FilterPro developed into the “dog and cat food kings”.  We service the majority of the larger pet food manufacturers.  Our Team has vast experience working in and around pet food manufacturing.  If you are making treats, dry, or canned pet food we understand the challenges.

Call one of our customer service reps to learn more about our cleaning programs for filter bags, blower intake filters, and pleated dust bags.  FilterPro can and will save you money by reconditioning or cleaning filters.  We offer cleaning cycles with detainers to sanitize the filters, and pleated dust bags used in pet food manufacturing.

Whether your plant’s main focus is on saving money or developing a sustainability program, our staff will help you lead the way in your industry.

Case study # 1:

For the past 12 years FilterPro has made filters for one of the largest pet food factories in the Midwest.  They order large quantities of new filter bags every month like clockwork.  Exactly one year ago I took a call from the maintenance supervisor.  He said, “We want to do a test for our corporation.  We want to be the first pet food manufacturer to reduce our plant waste and promote a green image.”  A year has gone by and last week I received a call from the same gentleman.  His tone was upbeat and excited, and he said, “I have to give a report to the bosses, and I just finished calculating the landfill reduction by cleaning filters.  We put 10 tons less into the landfill last year by cleaning our filters with FilterPro.”
NOW that’s exciting!

Case study # 2:

manufacturing plant filtersFor years I have been dealing with and supplying filters to Don.  He has always said “We clean our own cartridge filters.”  I always mentioned, sometime you need to give me a shot at cleaning those to see if there is a difference.  Eventually he took our advice, and had the filter professionally cleaned by FilterPro.  Six months later I took a call from Don and he said, “You know those filters you cleaned?   They lasted three times longer than when we cleaned them ourselves, and they are still in the collector. My guys are so happy because they do not have to crawl into that collector every month.  NOW that is good news!

FilterPro manufactures new aftermarket filters for the pet food industry.   Let our staff help you with your next filter need.  All types of materials, sizes and styles.    Custom manufacturing of shoots, sleeves, and tote covers. 

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