On Site Service:

If the " EPA" walked in today would they give you a clean bill of health?

FilterPro dust collector change out

Our experienced crews are available for emergencies or planned outage. Our crew chief has over 25 years of industrial maintenance experience. (electrical, pneumatics, blowers, airlocks, hydraulics).

• Filter Change Outs
• Cartridge (pleated dust bag) conversions
• System Repair (air locks, blowers, tube sheets replacement, timer boards,
• Installations
• Collector inspections and reports for Title five compliance.
• Leak Testing
• Preventative Maintenance
• 24 hour Technical support and dispatch (on_site_service@fpfilters.com)
Let our efficient crews check all the components of your collection system.

PO Box 225
East Lynne, MO 64743-0225
removing a dust collector filter

installing a dust collector filter