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Industrial Tube & Rack Filters

If your plant depends on industrial tube or rack filters for cleaning the air, you can face a tough predicament when it comes to replacement. Tube and Rack filters are very expensive to replace difficult to size. Many also have specialized coatings such as PTFE. What’s more, lead times for manufacturing rack filters are typically very long they are usually only available from overseas manufactures.

With these issues in mind, you need to be proactive, checking the condition of your tube filter or rack filter at scheduled intervals. However, considering the costs and disruption associated with downtime, it is also essential to have a plan in place for ready repair or replacement – in case of a filter failure in your system.

Industrial tube and rack filters – right on the money

The good news is that FilterPro custom-manufactures specialty industrial tube, pocket and rack filters at our factory near Kansas City, Missouri. So, you can purchase top-quality, high-performance replacements made in America at factory-direct pricing. Our central location in the U.S. heartland speeds delivery time compared to overseas factories and enables us to produce and offer these filters at an affordable price. So, it is more cost-efficient to keep a replacement rack filter or tube filter on hand in the event of a failure.

Filter cleaning – a cost-effective alternative to replacing tube and rack filters

If the cost of replacing your industrial tube filter or rack filter is causing financial burden, consider cleaning and reusing them instead. FilterPro has been very successful cleaning rack filters, saving industrial customers 70 to 80 percent compared with the cost of purchasing new ones. Learn more about cleaning rack and tube filters.

Let FilterPro save you money, time and trouble on replacement of your tube filter or rack filter system, supplying parts, or extending its life through cleaning. Give us a call today at 1-800-336-5441 and discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable service representatives.
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