Industrial Dust Filter Cartridges

“Cartridge filter” is a generic term.

FilterPro custom manufactures high-quality; cost-effective cartridge filters for commercial and industrial dust collection. With so many types, sizes and shapes of dust collector cartridge filters, and such different requirements from industry to industry, you can’t depend on “off-the-shelf” replacement cartridge dust filters. By making your new or replacement filter to your exact specifications, you can be sure it will fit your equipment, application and environment.

Our pleated-bag and canister filters are the first choice for customers in virtually every industry to collect nuisance dust safely and efficiently. We offer many types of filter cartridges to protect plant workers and effectively clean the plant air prior to its release into the environment. You can also be confident that FilterPro products can be made to meet the particular requirements and specifications of your industry.

Our industrial filter cartridges are designed for use in:

  • Dust collectors
  • Mixing stations
  • Blenders
  • Pneumatic conveying systems

Why choose dust collector cartridge filters from FilterPro:

  • Our entire line of premium replacement dust collection filters, compressor filters and intake filters exceed industry standards.
  • All types of pleated filter cartridges, dust bags and canister filters are manufactured precisely to your needs and specifications.
  • Our knowledgeable, helpful engineering staff will size and determine the correct media for your specific application to ensure the right fit and top-notch performance.
  • Increase air-to-cloth ratios without buying a new collector.
  • Gain extended cycle times between change outs.
  • Possible solution for collectors with bridging problems

Save up to 70 percent with cartridge dust filter cleaning

If your dust collector cartridge filter is in good condition, an expert cleaning by FilterPro can be a very cost-effective option. Cleaning can save up to 70 percent over the cost of buying a new cartridge filter. Learn more...

Discover why FilterPro is the smart choice for industrial filter cartridges

Our products and people go above and beyond to address your specific needs. Contact one of our customer service professionals for assistance with your cartridge dust filter needs. Call FilterPro today and see how we can help improve your filter performance and save your money!

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