Freight :

What about freight?

Freight will cost more than the filters are worth.

This is true with most filter companies, but not with “FilterPro”.

I have heard this hundreds of times.  In fact it was the initial concern of most of our current customers.

It is usually the main objection when we are speaking about our cleaning process, but it is a MYTH when you are working with FilterPro.

We have preferred shipping rates.

You can ship your dirty filters into us using our discounted rates.

Our negotiated rates with major carriers makes the freight cost minimal, Typically it is less than 5% of the total cleaning cost, but you have to be smart.

Let us show you how we can save your company money and make you a hero.

 Call us and we will fill out a customized “SAVINGS ANALSIS” For your company. (Example below)

The three biggest mistakes companies make are:

a)      Shipping their product with an actual class rating, or without discounts.

b)       Not using the best cube utilization, or packaging method.

c)      Sending in more dust or dirt than filters.

Shipping with LTL carriers is complicated.  There are several factors including class, weight, cube, and discount.  With out negotiations the price you pay to move filters from one place to another is robbery.  The unknowing consumer will be led to slaughter.

FilterPro has “Special Rates” for both incoming dirty filters and outgoing new or clean filters. 

We are set up electronically with haulers to give you a rate right over the phone.

Be Smart when sending in your filters.   Freight companies rate products by the cubic foot.  If filters are laid on skids and the freight company can’t stack on top of them they will charge by the foot of floor space taken.  I have seen this a few times in the past where filters are not in boxes, or containers. Or the filters are loaded on skids only knee high and the entire length of the trailer floor.  Unfortunately they were charged for a full trailer because of their shipping method.

Another common mistake when shipping dirty filters is to throw the dust in the box also.  When this happens you end up paying more to ship because of the additional weight.

This is not smart.

We are able to accommodate customers whatever method or type of container they decide to use.  We have received boxes from UPS, shipping containers, and even moving pods. Still others have reusable crates, old refrigerator boxes, and fiber or metal drums.  Some customers will ship their filters while others drive them down.   We have even had some wait while we clean, and process their filters.

Whatever the method, or whatever special needs, or situation, we would be glad to help.


A typical example can be 60 filters coming in to be cleaned.

Each one is 13” square by 34” long and weighs just less than 34 pounds.

The chart below illustrates typical freight costs to ship filters from various locations. The chart shows actual cost verses the discounted FilterPro cost.

From Zip code

City / state

Actual freight

Shipping with FilterPro Discount


Baltimore, MD




Dallas, TX




Louisville, KY




Des Moines, IA



Let’s look at Louisville KY as the shipping point for this case study.

Each filter new costs $165.00

FilterPro is cleaning the filter for $50.00

Dirty inbound freight is $4.78 for each filter.

For comparison sake the inbound dirty freight cost is the only factor.   (A consumer will pay freight one way whether purchasing new filters or returning cleaned filters from FilterPro. Thus this cost basically cancels each other out when comparing new to reconditioned filters outbound freight.)

So, the total reconditioning cost is actually $54.78 (freight plus cleaning / inspection cost).

Your overall savings verses buying new         69.70%

Actual freight cost verses buying new            2.90%

Actual cleaning cost verses buying new         30.30%

Many first time customers have trouble with this concept.   Call our trained customer service reps and we will build a customized “SAVINGS ANALSIS” and pie chart.   The report is an honest evaluation of your situation.   This can be easily e-mail it to you for evaluation. 

There is no cost or obligation. 

When you are ready to send in your filters FilterPro will even arrange the pick up for you with a discount freight company.  Let our staff do the work for you.

Call us and we will fill out a customized “SAVINGS ANALSIS” For your company.
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