Filters For Food Ingredient Industry:

food manufacturing filtersThings are changing faster in this industry than ever before.   More demands, more inspections, and tougher regulations.  Efficiencies are critical and clean plant air is imperative. FilterPro has long been working with the food industry’s filtration needs.  Our staff understands the difference between “food contact” and “FDA” approved filters.  Blower intake filters, mixing station filters, pneumatic convey systems; FilterPro is able to help.

Cleaning Filters for Food and Food Ingredient Manufacturers

FilterPro has been cleaning filter bags and cartridges for the food industry for 29 years.  We developed filter cleaning programs and systems that are unique, and achieve the directives of your plant.
Our cleaning program is called Filter Pro-Tect®.  This is a multi-step process that outlines and addresses the filter cleanliness required in a food plant. Filter Pro-Tect® is another industry first by FilterPro.  The program follows a rigid set of steps and allows the customer to pick the level of cleaning, drying, and packaging protection necessary for your filter.  Filters are cleaned with our specially designed soaps and solutions.   For more information on our Filter Pro-Tect® please visit “food filter cleaning program” under the “Education” tab.

Speak with one of our team members or visit with engineering staff to customize our Filter Pro-Tect® for your plant.

New Filters for Food and Food Ingredient Manufacturers

New filters are manufactured and sent factory direct to help with your ever changing needs.  Let FilterPro change the way you currently purchase bag and cartridge filters.  Our staff will develop spreadsheets, for your plant outlining all the requirements and specific needs.  This will allow us to know what filter is for a particular system.  Simply call your FilterPro representative and give us the collector name or ID number and we will know what to make.

FilterPromanufactures and supplies aftermarket filters for virtually every make and type of collector.  All types, sizes, and media for every need.  We even make custom filters for that special need.

“Our goal is to help you grow, because when you grow we grow.” – Brian Hoffman

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