Food Filter Cleaning Program - “FilterPro-tect™”

Whether bag filters or cartridge filters, filtration in a food manufacturing, ingredient, and pharmaceutical have special needs and require special handling.

Another FilterPro Development   **New Product***
FilterPro has developed the FilterPro-tect™ filter cleaning program that addresses the specific needs of food and pharmaceutical.  The filter cleaning process is designed to clean filters manufactured to FDA specifications.

FilterPro-tect® is a designed program for reconditioning dust collector filters for industry.  Using an experienced professional technical service team and a unique multi-step process for cleaning dust collector bags or pleated cartridge filters, customers can attain two objectives:  Achieve dramatic cost savings by cleaning versus buying new filters for each collector change out; and, Substantially reduce customers carbon footprint on the environment by using far less carbon-based products than buying new each time.  Each product line reconditioned by FilterPro under the FilterPro-tect ® line is specifically designed and formulated to accomplish the customer’s objectives.  FilterPro-tect® is ideal for application in industries where prevention of cross-contamination of products is important.  Testing, measurement, and analysis are available on correct filter media application and usage, differential pressure variability, and particulate product penetration of filter media and accessories. 

Our documented process provides different options to meet the needs of your plant.   FilterPro has developed a program of proprietary methods and systems to service:

FilterPro-tect™ allows you to pick the options that work for you.  The system is ridged enough to meet your requirements, and flexible enough to exceed your needs.     The Pro-tect cleaning system even allows you filter sanitizing options.   The filter cleaning program allows you (the customer) to pick from many options not limited to and including special packaging, and filter monitoring of the system during transport. Discuss your needs with one of our reps, and let them develop a cleaning program for you. 

Ask about the three levels of the Pro-tect program available, and pick the one that is right for you.
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