Frequently Asked Questions:

Freight and Shipping Questions

It costs too much for freight.  Is it worth cleaning?
Call us and we can help you determine if cleaning is right for you.  The overall cost of freight is 5-7 percent.  We have a pie chart we would be glad to fill out and e mail you showing the costs of each item comparing to purchasing a new filter.  This will help you make an informed decision.
Usually unless your company is west of the Rockies Cleaning is a great deal.

How do I ship the dirty filters?
Most filters come in common carrier.  About 5% of our customers want to try “Kansas City BBQ”, and drop the filters off at our plant.   Some will send their own trucks.   Some will drop a trailer. We have even gotten “storage and moving (load yourself) containers.

What do you ship filters in?
We accept filters in boxes, bags, totes, on skids, and in Gaylord boxes.

How do I box?
Do what is easy for you.    Try to find something that makes it easy for guys to drop dirty filters into.   Some will use:
- Used appliance boxes
-build a crate (mainly wood workers)
- Shrink wrapped on skids
-use boxes new filters came in (sustainable)
-put in shipping containers (dropped at our site)
- Cardboard boxes
-Gaylord boxes

How do you send filters back to me? (Freight)
We mostly use common carrier to return cleaned bags. Truck, Fed Ex small package, or you arrange.

How do you send filters back to me? (Packing)
New Filters

Cleaned filters

Who pays the freight in?  
We do not include freight in the price of cleaning.  Larger companies have their own shipping departments and will ship in with their freight discounts.  If you do not normally ship we are glad to help.

I don’t deal with shipping and truckers. Can you help?
We would be glad to help.  We have negotiated special rates to bring in dirty filters for our cleaning process.  Simply give us a call with your zip code, number of pieces, and weight and we will arrange the rest.


Cleaning Questions
How many times can a cartridge filter be cleaned?
This depends on the type of media, the handling of the filter, and abrasiveness of the dust.  Paper filters can usually be cleaned 2-3 times where a polyester media filter can be cleaned 10-15 times.  We have more filters rejected from poor handling and dropping the filter from collector level than any other single reason.  Thus, education of maintenance personnel will reduce the percentage of rejects.

Can I have the dirty bag filters dry cleaned?
Dry cleaning of filter bags is a bad idea. The chemicals used will damage the filters.

Can I use a local cleaner to clean my filter bags?
The advantage of using a local cleaner is they charge by the pound and they are cheap.  Most companies that try this, “only do it once”.  The disadvantages are several:

How many times can I clean a bag filter?
Again this depends on the material, and the abrasiveness of the dust particulate.  Plain or singed polyester materials can be cleaned 5-6 times safely.  Media with coatings, or PTFE films applied should only be cleaned and re-used a couple times.  Please call us to discuss if your plant uses specialty media such as pure Teflon, or Nomex.  Nomex is very durable by life is affected by chemicals, and excessive heat or hydrocarbons.

What is a “TDR”?
A “TDR” is a “Technicians Data Report”.  A “TDR” is an analytical bank of tests that will compare a cleaned filter to a new filter.

Why do you want to test clean a filter before I send in the entire batch for cleaning?
By sending your filter in for a “Test Cleaning” our staff will:

How do you clean a cartridge filter?
This is like asking “How do you build a rocket?”   It is not easy to outline.   It takes knowing the filter, the media, the dust particle, the methods, chemistry, and your objectives.  Each filter is cleaned depending on these factors.  We will determine the answer by doing a test clean “TDR”.

Can I clean my own filter?
I always tell people that if you can do this yourself and get results you are happy with then by all means clean the filter yourself.  Companies that clean their own filters are on a “learning journey” (learn the hard way). Usually in the end they send in their filters for professional cleaning, and realize how much more filter life is gained by our process.

Can you come up here to clean my filters?
We have found that this is an inefficient method.

What do you do with the waste?
No Hazardous materials are processed is rule #1.   Our system separates the liquid waste stream from the solids collected.   The solids are then disposed of according to regulations.

Will you clean dusts with hazardous materials?
No, this is to protect both of us. We can collect some heavy metals depending on what they are and the particle.

Why do I have to send you an MSDS?
We must have an MSDS for two reasons.  The first is so we know if we can safely clean your filters, and make sure there is no reaction with our methods or solutions.  The second reason is that we want our staff to know and understand what we are working with.

Do you only clean filters?
FilterPro manufactures new bag filters, and has factory direct pricing on cartridges, pleated dust bags, cages, and Goyen parts.

What do I do if there is a reject when cleaning?
When you send your filters in for cleaning let us know your requirements.  Would you like for us to call you to discuss results?  Or, would you simply want us to replace any rejects?

Where do I get a new filter?
FilterPro has a full line of filters.  Bags, Cartridges, Pleated elements, HVAC, Hepa, Baghouse, Mixing stations filtration, and even liquid.

Is there a charge for rejects?
FilterPro Does not charge for rejects when the percentage is under 10% of the order.     We do not want you to pay for shipping of non-cleanable filters.   We are not set up as a disposal site for spent filters.   Our “TDR” and no-cost testing helps to prevent sending in failed filters for cleaning.  .

Does the OEM make their filters?
No, OEM’s hire out companies similar to FilterPro.  These filter manufacturers manufacture the filters for the dust collectors.
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