Dust Collector Filter Bag Cleaning

Filter Pro can clean really large filters.

Cleaning and reusing a dust collector filter bag is not only morally and ethically correct, it saves money. Even when you’re challenged to do more with less, being “green” can actually add significant green to your bottom line.

FilterPro has been cleaning filters for satisfied customers since 1982, typically saving them 40 to 70 percent compared to the cost of dust collector replacement bags. In fact, we clean thousands of companies’ filter bags every month. As a leading industry innovator, we have seen many competitors try – unsuccessfully – to duplicate our process. Resulting disappointment may lead some to mistakenly believe that dust collector filter bag cleaning does not work. FilterPro’s 30-year track record of outstanding results for customers is proof positive that proper cleaning dust collector bags is a smart, cost-effective solution.

FilterPro has the capacity to clean 600 to 700 dust collector filter bags a day – regardless of size. We offer the facilities, expertise and commitment to meet your specific needs.

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How much can you save on dust collector bag cleaning?
Actual savings achieved through cleaning depends on the type of filter, the media, and the quantity of bags to be cleaned. Cleaning methods will vary with the dust collector filter media. Contact one of our knowledgeable customer service reps to discuss your cleaning objectives and project actual savings. Typically, our customers save 45 to 70 percent over replacement filters, but we’ve seen savings as high as 85 percent for cleaning a Teflon filter bag compared to the price of new filter bags.

Use this handy tool and your own plant numbers to determine savings available by cleaning your cartridge filters.

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Actual savings by cleaning depends on the type of filter, the media, and the quantity to be cleaned. Not every media can be cleaned using the same method.  Our goal is to meet your objectives. Contact one of our customer service reps to discuss the objectives you hope to accomplish by cleaning and project actual savings. One customer saves 85% off new filter bag pricing by cleaning his Teflon filter bag with FilterPro.  Typical results experienced will reveal savings of 45 to 70%.

The past two years have been interesting, and businesses are being very creative. In the past year we have had several instances where a customer has sent a truck to FilterPro with his dirty filter to be cleaned. Usually the driver drops the dirty filters off in the morning and spends the rest of the day and evening at the race track or the casino, or the Royals game. After a leisurely morning he returns to FilterPro to find the cleaned filter bags packed and ready on the trailer.

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