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Industrial chemical filtration isn’t just an everyday element of your operating environment – it’s an area that’s under greater scrutiny than ever. Whether your business is in energy, power or chemical production, you’ve likely experienced a tenfold increase in demand during the past decade. However, elevated production comes with added challenges and requirements. The reality today is that creating zero waste through sustainability programs has become as important as developing and delivering your industrial chemical filters.

Filter cleaning services for the chemical industry

FilterPro’s chemical filter cleaning program has helped many plants and facilities in multiple locations satisfy two important objectives: keep costs to a minimum while demonstrating environmentally sustainable practices. Our chemical filtration cleaning services eliminate the environmental and public relations hazards of “green washing” so you can position and promote your company as a “green” leader.

FilterPro’s unique filter-cleaning process is highly effective for chemical filters made out of polyester, Nomex, needled Ryton, PTFE, p84 and Teflon materials. Think about the number of roll-off containers you send to the landfill with dirty filters. If you’re not cleaning and reusing your nonhazardous dirty filters, you’re essentially sending containers of money to the landfill every year.

Please note: For your protection as well as ours, FilterPro requires an MSDS for all chemical filters sent to us for cleaning. In addition, we cannot clean any materials classified as hazardous.

Rely on FilterPro for custom-made replacement chemical filters, too!

FilterPro also supplies high-quality cartridge and bag filters factory-direct. Custom filters are our specialty, and we will help you at every step from concept to completion for a perfect fit. Let our experienced team help you with your next chemical filter purchase. From Nomex pleated elements to a simple polyester filter bag, discover superb-quality products at a great price. Call us today at 1-800-336-5441.

Chemical filter cleaning creates huge savings opportunity for power plant – case study

A recent visit to a power plant comprising three individual plants revealed that they were landfilling their filter bags every year, for an annual expenditure of $200,000 on new industrial chemical filter bags. The filters used were Nomex with a Teflon B membrane. For some reason, their existing chemical filters were manufactured with a Ryton snap band cuff.

By recommending a Nomex cuff, FilterPro increased the life of each filter. What’s more, this change made each filter a suitable candidate for FilterPro’s bag cleaning program. The cost to clean each 175-inch-long filter was just $18 – and it could be cleaned 2-3 times, generating savings of $182,000 per year for each individual collector.

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