Cartridge & Canister Filter Cleaning

It is not unusual to save 50 to 70% by cleaning your cartridge filters.
(Based on new filter purchase verses cleaning)

Save 50-70 percent with cartridge filter cleaning and canister filter cleaning

Relying on FilterPro for expert industrial cartridge and canister filter cleaning is a no-brainer way to save big – easily 50 to 70 percent compared to the cost of purchasing new filters. High-quality cartridge and canister filter cleaning makes great sense for your facility:

  • It reduces your maintenance expenditures.
  • It keeps reusable filters out of the landfill. This supports plant sustainability and reduces waste disposal costs.

10 reasons to trust FilterPro for industrial cartridge and canister filter cleaning:

  • FilterPro is known nationwide for delivering superior results and outstanding service in cleaning a wide array of industrial and manufacturing filters.

We clean more than 30,000 filters every year.

  • Experience – we have been cleaning filters for satisfied customers for three decades.
  • The methods we use are safe, effective and time-tested.
  • We have the capacity to clean hundreds of filters per day which means you get your filters fast!
  • We successfully clean filters that contain everything from animal fats to carbon black.
  • We are leading specialists in cartridge and canister filter cleaning for industrial and manufacturing environments.
  • You can be confident that your cleaned filter will operate and perform as well as a new filter.
  • Our machines and equipment have been built to our designs and engineering specs, providing maximum flexibility and optimum results.
  • Ongoing research and development – our engineers continually design, evaluate and fine-tune new filter cleaning techniques, and study dust particulate.

Superior results through experience and engineering
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FilterPro has been cleaning filters effectively and cost-efficiently since 1983. Don’t be fooled by “wannabees” who buy a machine and set up shop in their garage the next day. You cannot simply buy a machine off the shelf to clean all types of filters. Generic machines are built for one type of filter and one type of dust only. (The exception is internal combustion engine and compressor filters for loose dirt particulate, and they are not our focus.)

There are three common schools of thought on cartridge filter cleaning:

  • Using a jet air knife system
  • Using a sonic system
  • Using a wet cleaning system

Here’s the simple truth: There is no single way to clean every type of filter, which is why we take an engineering approach. Most filters require multiple cleaning methods and steps to properly clean the dust collector filter. The key is determining and understanding the media; studying the particulate; and having a particular developed procedure or method to clean the different types of filters and substrates. This approach – focused on continuous improvement – is what makes FilterPro the industrial cartridge filter cleaning experts.

See what cartridge and canister filter cleaning can do for you – risk free.

FilterPro also offers you a no-risk, no-cost, no-obligation initial test of one filter from your system. This allows us to evaluate your filter, determine the most appropriate cleaning methods and demonstrate our capabilities. We’ll return the cleaned filter to you – at our expense – to prove we can do what we say. The only cost to you is you sending us the dirty filter. Call FilterPro today!

Cartridge Filter Cleaning Resources
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Note: FilterPro requires an MSDS of all particulate and dusts in a filter for our protection and yours. We will not accept, clean or handle any filter containing hazardous materials.
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