FilterPro™ provides new filter bags and cartridges.

We also clean and recondition your dirty filters so they can be reused.

FilterPro™also supplies a full line of dust collector parts and cages.

Filter Bags- Manufacturing of filters both O.E.M. and custom. Filters are manufactured to meet your needs. Pleated Filter

Cartridges- Pleated dust bags or filters to replace bag filters. Custom and O.E.M. manufacturing. We will engineer the correct filter for your application. Blower intake, Compressor, Air Oil Coalescer Filters- Replacement filter elements for almost every make and model.

Cages, Solenoids, Diaphragms- Parts...Parts...Parts for all your collector needs.

What filter media can be cleaned? Using the time proven FilterPro cleaning method either woven or needle felt materials are cleanable. Shakers Reverse air, pulsejet whatever the make or model.

We have been very successful cleaning the materials listed below, in fact the pictures above are of a (left to right) P-84 bag, polyester and, Nomex filter we have cleaned

Teflon coated or bathed materials
Dual density
Dual denier
Combo felts
Oleo phobic
Nomex, Conex, Arimid
PTFE, or TetratexP-84

****The only material we have been unsuccessful cleaning is a Fiberglass media filter bag due the brittleness of the glass fibers in the media.*****

Note:  FilterPro requires MSDS for each product being cleaned.  Absolutely no hazardous, or harmful contaminated bags are to be sent in for cleaning process.
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Cleaning commercial filters for industry
Filter Cleaning Limited Warranty

Dirty Filters are considered “of no commercial Value”. Reconditioned filters are not new and do not carry a replacement warranty. FilterPro does however offer a limited warranty to apply a second reconditioning process to any previously cleaned filters. In these circumstances, freight inbound to FilterPro and outbound from FilterPro is for the account of the customer. Although quality inspections and testing are conducted on cleaned filters by FilterPro; FilterPro cannot guarantee performance of a reconditioned filter in any given application.