Canister Filters:

Canister Filters-Factory Direct Pricing
Canister filters are pleated elements used for dust collection.   Normally they are larger in diameter, and taller than a blower intake or a pleated dust bag.   Canister filters usually have metal end caps, and have an inner or outer core made of galvanized, or stainless (expanded metal or helix) for support.  Some will refer to a canister filter using the generic term of “cartridge”.   Canister filters are commonly used for general nuisance dust collecting, shot blasting, powder coating, powder paint, dry chemical processing, pharmaceutical, battery recycling, mining, weld smoke, and polishing.

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The most common canister sizes are 26” long X 12.75” in diameter, or 26” long X 13.86” in diameter.  The ends of a canister filter can be “open”, “closed”, “closed with a bolt hole”, or concave.  The design of the collector and placement of the filter will determine the type of end caps.

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Quick comparison (types of media)

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Properties of synthetic media fibers (compared to 100% cellulose)

Advantages by blending synthetic and cellulose media (80/20)

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