Bag Professor Videos:

Warning: Videos are for training and entertainment purposes only. Only trained and qualified personnel should attempt working on a dust collector

FilterPro Introduction

New Design of Pleated Dust bag for Food Products

Star bottom pleated dust bag for food

Cartridge Filters -Paper vs Polyspun Media

Static Discharge on a Dust Collector Filter Bag - a bad combination

You Can't Clean That Filter Bag!

How to Burn Test a Polyester Filter Bag

Installation of new style cartridge filter

How to Install a Top Load Cartridge Filter for a Dust Collector Trus

How to Install a Diaphragm Repair Kit on a Dust Collector Or Baghouse (new 10-22-09)

How to Measure a Filter Bag for a Dust Collector (session #1)

How to Spec Out an Intake, Blower, or Compressor Filter (Session #2)

How to Spec Out a Pleated Dust Bag, or Cartridge Filter for a Baghouse (session # 3)

How to Spec Out a Canister or Cartridge Filter for a Baghouse or Dust Collector (session #4)

How to correctly install a snap band filter bag into a baghouse or dust collector.

This video demonstrates how to install a cartridge filter (pleated dust bag) into a collector. Replacing filter bags with filter cartridges is called a "Cartridge Conversion".

How to Install a Top Load Dust Collector Cartridge "DSS" style.

How to convert a Dust Collector from Filter Bags to Cartridges

How to correctly install a Raw Edge Bag into a Bottom Load Baghouse.
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